Our single estate Vodka was the first spirit to come off the still. We use our hand crafted base spirit and run it through our Carter Head Still with its 9.5m column containing 42 copper plates. Only pure water is then added to blend it down to the perfect bottling strength of 40% ABV.

Using our soft English winter wheat, when processed with our technique, our Single Estate Wood Brothers Vodka has flavour characteristics of caramel, vanilla, honey and hint of pepper.

"This vodka is creamy and sweet on the nose, with hints of warm vanilla and toffee, cut through with notes of soft piney wood. The palate is remarkably smooth; its subtle peppery notes contrast a soft mouthfeel with wafts of creamy, almost butterscotch developing on the long finish. To be sipped over ice, or mixed into a delicious and sophisticated martini.”

From the Craft Drink Company

Wood Brothers Single Estate Vodka
Wood Brothers Single Estate Vodka
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