Wood Brothers gin & vodka distillery Oxfordshire

Created by brothers Ed and Charlie the distillery was born when we combined our love for the land and experience in distilling. With the distillery based on the farm this ensures that we have absolute control on the whole process from our fields to your bottle.

Our Single Estate Vodka is the first spirit to come off the still. We use our English winter wheat, which we mill, mash, and ferment, before we run it through our Carter Head Still, with its 9.5m column containing 42 copper plates. This process produces a pure, smooth spirit that retains a subtle note of the grain it was made from.

"This vodka is creamy and sweet on the nose, with hints of warm vanilla and toffee, cut through with notes of soft piney wood. The palate is remarkably smooth; its subtle peppery notes contrast a soft mouthfeel with wafts of creamy, almost butterscotch developing on the long finish. To be sipped over ice, or mixed into a delicious and sophisticated martini.”

The Craft Drinks Company

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